I started this page as a way to share my solutions of Introduction to Algorithms exercies with a couple of friends, as we were going through the book together. As usual, life happened and I had to stop reading the book and focus on other things.

I might eventually pick it up again. Until that happens, I won't be posting any new solutions.

I'm trying to be careful when solving the exercies on a piece of paper (or with code), but I normally don't double check what I've written in the markdown. Thus, there might be a lot of errors in the solutions. No guarantees. If you would like to report any, please feel free to open a pull request in the GitHub repo. Or not :)

I'm not trying to build an index of CLRS solutions here. Instead, I'm just taking notes and publishing them online for people who might find it useful. While I welcome any corrections, I want to stick with *my* solutions. I won't be publishing other people's solutions here. But if you would like to publish your own solutions, feel free to use the code in GitHub. You don't need to ask me if it is OK (it is), although I will be happy to learn that somebody found it useful.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at stefan dot kanev in GMail.