Exercise 8.3.1

Using figure 8.3 as a model, illustrate the operation of RADIX-SORT on the following list of English words: COW, DOG, SEA, RUG, ROW, MOB, BOX, TAB, BAR, EAR, TAR, DIG, BIG, TEA, NOW, FOX.

Again, ASCII is way simpler for this. I miss solving all my problems with ASCII :/

COW        SEA        TAB        BAR
DOG   =>   TEA   =>   BAR   =>   BIG
SEA        MOB        EAR        BOX
RUG        TAB        TAR        COW
ROW        DOG        SEA        DIG
MOB        RUG        TEA        DOG
BOX        DIG        DIG        EAR
TAB        BIG        BIG        FOX
BAR        BAR        MOB        MOB
EAR        EAR        DOG        NOW
TAR        TAR        COW        ROW
DIG        COW        ROW        RUG
BIG        ROW        NOW        SEA
TEA        NOW        BOX        TAB
NOW   =>   BOX   =>   FOX   =>   TAR
FOX        FOX        RUG        TEA